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Performance-Based Engagement

We don’t make money unless you do. Our fees are a small percentage of the overall cost savings and/or revenue enhance realized. Paying a flat fee up front only motivates a firm to complete the task as quickly as possible potentially limiting the benefit from the exercise. Our model creates a focus that optimizes the client’s benefit.
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No Cost Analysis

We will conduct an analysis of your vendor contracts at no cost to you. This analysis will determine where your contracts with suppliers are over market, at market or under market for organizations of your size. On average, we provide our manufacturing clients with savings of more than $150,000 per $1 million of spend.
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Contract Management Software & Services

SRM TAB® is a cloud-based software service that provides organizations with contract lifecycle management that includes vendor risk management, benchmarking, due diligence, and selection criteria from contract review through expiration. The comprehensive oversight, thorough tracking and robust workflow available in SRM TAB help protect profitability and insure proper compliance. SRM TAB can be licensed for use by an organization or administered as a service by SRM.
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The Power of IP

SRM’s intellectual property includes tools and processes built to support the services we provide. Each of these – SRM Benchmark®, SRM Tracker®, SRM Negotiator®, SRM Merge®, SRM InfoBase®, and SRM Optimize® – go through a continual process of refinement driven by more than 25 years of experience and over 7000 projects. These repeatable, proven best practices have allowed SRM to help institutions and organizations save billions.
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